Ned Keenans Bar Dublin

Ned Keenans Bar Dublin
+353-1-855 5442

There’s no doubt that Dublin is home to some of the world’s best Pubs and over the years visitors to Dublin have often beaten the same track back to those Public Houses that have offered personal service, value for money and above all else a true Cead Mile Failte.

Ned Keenan’s Traditional Irish Pub

Ned Keenans Bar is soaked in the history and hospitality of one of Dublin’s most historically, culturally, architecturally and politically important streets. Ned Keenan’s Pub prides itself in being a place of welcome, a place of fun, a place for friends to meet, chat and play.


Ned Keenan’s Bar Ambiance

Ned Keenans Bar, is set within the Maple Hotel on Gardener Street, Dublin, and offers a cosy, relaxing, traditional Irish bar; the perfect place to sit back after a busy day exploring Dublin, their friendly and professional staff make Ned’s the most popular place for tourists and locals alike. Guests in Ned’s will enjoy a fresh, well pulled pint of Guinness, in a cosy, friendly atmosphere. Enjoy the traditional music at Ned’s every Friday and Saturday evening starting at 9pm. Dublin’s finest musicians share their talent with the world. The Comedy Club each Friday night is a delight to be savoured. This is a truly Irish experience in Ned Keenan’s Pub. Phone: 01-855 5442, now catering for Stag and Hen Parties, enjoy pool, darts and fun in Ned Keenan’s traditional Irish Pub.

Our Own Pizza Service

Due to demand from many of our patrons we are now providing a range of in-house Pizzas.

Yes folks, Ned Keenan’s Pub has added yet another string to its bow, you will be able to order Our in-house Pizza, whatever you want at a price that will not be beaten…..cheesy, gooey, sticky, meaty, tasty, delicious, affordable, saucy, warm, hearty, delicious, baked, take-out, eat-in, boxed, fresh, hot, stuffed, deep-dish, thin-crust, sweet, spicy, comforting, wonderful, fantastic, amazing, filling, yummy, perfect….yep that’s our Pizza.

Ned Keenan’s Stag and Hen Party Venue

Ned Keenan’s Bar has teamed up with to help provide budget parties that can fit with all budget types, you can simply enjoy socialising, music, pool, darts in Ned’s or you might want to do something more adventurous, that is where joins the party, tell us what you want, and together we will do our best to meet your party needs.

Trade Staff Night at Ned Keenan’s Pub

Ned Keenan’s Pub Dublin, offers Traditional Irish hospitality with fantastic bar staff and a true Cead Mile Failte for everyone who enjoys a good pint, great company and a place to unwind and have some fun. In recognition of the fantastic work carried out on a day to day basis by Dublin’s hospitality staff, Ned Keenan’s offers TRADE NIGHT every Sunday night, when you have Knocked-off your shift, Drop-in to Ned’s and enjoy an evening’s craic with your fellow workers. Enjoy a game of pool, darts or a sports event on the TV, kick back, enjoy being served rather than serving, not only is this a great way to relax after a hard week, it is a great springboard for the week ahead.