Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been something of a mystery for many small, medium and large sized businesses, this was due to the fact that many marketing companies did not want to share their knowledge in case companies would begin to do their Digital Marketing in-house, Aspire4 takes a different approach, in that we will present in-house training sessions for you and your staff so that you can take control of your own marketing and ultimately your business.

In order to understand the Digital Marketing needs of any business, you must first understand business, Aspire4 understands business and that is why our experience and knowledge, in both Business Management and Digital Marketing will give your business a competitive advantage.

Digital Marketing Hotels

Digital Marketing is relatively new to the Hotel industry and the Hospitality industry in general. Often Digital Marketing sales people will blind potential clients with science, leaving many in the Hotel and hospitality industry staying clear of Digital Marketing, and losing much needed revenue, or alternatively, investing large sums of money in hair-brain schemes that produce absolutely no ROI (Return on Investment). takes a different approach to Digital Marketing in the Hotel and Hospitality sector, our staff have decades of experience in the Hotel and Hospitality sector, and this hands-on experience is backed up by exclusive and in-depth research through academic study and publications. If you can find any other Digital Marketing business with this level of expertise in the Hotel and Hospitality industries, we would be surprised.

On a daily basis Aspire4 receives the latest and most up to date research from around the world and related to the Hotel and Hospitality industry, this research is activated to ensure that Aspire4 clients are doing the very best that they can to make their business efficient and profitable.

Market Sweeping on the Net

In 2009 when Aspire4 developed a concept known as ‘Market Sweeping on the Net’ few if any businesses were utilising Social media as a marketing and customer relations platform, this concept was offered FREE on the internet by Aspire4 and resulted in the creation of many thousands of jobs and SMEs. Now in the second decade of the 21st Century most businesses have some presence on Social Media platforms, however, having a presence does not alone yield results.

“Setting financial goals requires leadership – reaching them requires excellent marketing”

Digital Marketing Campaigns

It is difficult to explain to most business owners and managers, that the key to successful Digital Marketing campaigns, comes from hard work, driven through good leadership and a motivated work-force.

Some staff in the hospitality sector suffer from demotivation, this can be compounded by boredom, particularly in the low-season, one can often see that a receptionist or manager decides to post 10 pictures of their summer holidays on their work place Facebook page, while these posts may be relevant to the person posting and their friends and family, they do absolutely nothing for the business and will actually kill the business Facebook page.

Managing social media marketing for a business is a big responsibility, if you are not going to do it right, then don’t do it at all, as poor performance reflects on your business:

“If they can’t be bothered to maintain their Facebook page or answer their reviews on TripAdvisor, what must their Hotel rooms be like?”

Digital Marketing Success

Building a Digital Marketing campaign for your business does not have to be expensive, but it does require hard-work, it requires a solid foundation on which to build a successful business, anyone who tells you different is a liar.

If someone tells you that you can have a successful Digital Marketing campaign by simply spending money on an Ad-words campaign or Boosting a post on Facebook, they are liars, while a properly managed Ad-words campaign is an essential ingredient in any Digital Marketing strategy, it is simply one ingredient, Aspire4 advocates using value for money solutions, these solutions are not complicated, most of them are FREE, you simply need to know how to manage them effectively and efficiently in order to make your business profitable.

Digital Marketing for your Business

Aspire4 will explain to you, how a Digital Marketing campaign can work best for your business, we will show you how to maximise your online presence, without having to spend anything like the crazy prices being sought by some Digital Marketing businesses.

One conversation with Aspire4 staff, will, with ease increase your on-line revenue streams by 10% and this is just the start of your business success story.

“Your business website is you’re shop window on the World Wide Web, Aspire4 has the knowhow to drive traffic to your shop window”

Aspire4 Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

Digital Marketing Evaluation

Evaluate Generic Website

Evaluate Third Party Sites

Evaluate Search Engine Optimisation

Evaluate Social Media

Examine overall on-line Presence

Complete a detailed report including recommendations

Website Development

Design Concept

Design and Create Word-press Website

Copy-writing (original optimised text)

Training staff on Content Management System (CMS)

Website Maintenance

Domain Name Registration

Website and e-mail hosting

Website back-up file back-up, content back-up and database back-up

Social Media Marketing

Create Facebook, Blogger, Twitter accounts

Branding social media marketing

Copy-writing (original optimised text)

Staff training on maintaining social media – I day

Social media maintenance

Search Engine Optimisation

Evaluate SEO on generic website

Keyword research

Implementation of SEO recommendations

Review/Create ad-word campaign

Backlink generation

Case-Study 1

The Townhouse Guesthouse Dublin

With almost 36,000 Likes on their Facebook Page, The Townhouse Dublin, is one of Ireland’s Top 10 Facebook profiles in Ireland, while the Townhouse is a stand-alone Guesthouse on Gardiner Street, Dublin 1, it is out-performing leading hotel chains and brands by a clear mile. This success is not achieved by spending money on blind marketing campaigns that are controlled by others, or worse still controlled by machines, this success comes from pure hard work and dedication.

However, the Townhouse success is not simply measured in brand awareness with its Facebook Fans, it is in fact measured in real time Revenue, potential guests are asking questions about the product and cost, and those potential guests are being told very quickly what the Townhouse has to offer. Aspire4 are on the cutting edge when it comes to Social Media success stories, no other company produces the kind of results being experienced by The Townhouse and other Aspire4 clients, we allow our work to speak for itself, rather than waste time telling you how good we are.

These success stories are returning ownership of on-line business activity to the business owners rather than foreign based OTAs who continue to increase their market share, mainly because many business owners feel they have lost the war against these on-line Giants, however, it is possible to fight back and Aspire4 are leading the charge.

Have a Look at The Townhouse if you LIKE what you see contact us: Email :



Making your Brand Visible

The Internet is the equivalent of a large filling cabinet, when someone searches for a specific product or service, Google wants to ensure that the person searching gets the most relevant result for their search. One of the key measures used by Google to determine the relevance of a search result is the number of relevant websites that are linked to your business.


This process of businesses linking to your business is known as Link-backs, the more relevant Link-backs that you have, the higher Google will rank your website, this is not the only measure that Google has for establishing the relevance of your website, however, it is a key measure. In this regard, has created dozens of marketing platforms onto which your business can be listed and enjoy Link-backs which will help your brand become more visible and more highly ranked by Google and other search engines.

Here are just some of the many marketing platforms on which your business can be listed.

Dublin Hotel News on Facebook Blog

Budget Rooms Dublin

Bed and Breakfast Guide Ireland

Hotel Deal 4 U

Gardiner Street Dublin

Old Castle Meath

Stag Party Ireland

Hen Party Ireland

Temple Bar Dublin

Dublin Hotels

Dublin Bed and Breakfast

Dublin Hotel Guide

Sligo Hotels

Mayo Hotels

Hotels Dublin Ireland

Cheap Hotels Dublin

Dublin Hotels Ireland

Hostels in Dublin

Guesthouses Ireland

Irish Holidays


Hotel Special Offers

Accommodation Gardiner Street Dublin

Guesthouse Dublin

Hotels Armagh

Hotels Clare

Hotels Cork

Hotels Tyrone

Hotels Wexford

Hotels Cavan

Hotels Down

Hotels Roscommon

Hotels Carlow

Hotels Kildare

Hotels Limerick

Hotels Tipperary

Hotels Kerry

Hotels Westmeath

Hotels Louth

Hotels Galway

Hotels Kilkenny

Stag Party Galway

Hen Party Galway City

Laois Hotels

Hotel Offaly

Hotels Monaghan

Hotels Longford

Hotels Leitrim

Hotels Waterford

Hotels Fermanagh

Hotels Meath

Hotels Wicklow

Hotels Donegal

Spa Hotels Ireland

Hotels Derry

Hotels Belfast

Hotels Antrim

Room Reservations Dublin

Dublin Hostel

Marriott Hotel Group

Jurys Hotels

Castle Hotel Group

O’Callaghan Hotel Group

Lansdowne Hotel Dublin

City North Hotel

Barrys Hotel Guide

Townhouse Dublin

Glen Guesthouse

Maple Hotel

Abbington House

Avondale Guesthouse

Central Hotel Dublin

My Place Hotel

Drury Court Hotel

Plaza Hotel Dublin

River House Hotel

Adelphi Guesthouse

Barrys Hotel Dublin

George Frederick Handle Hotel

Citi Dublin Hotel

The Celtic Inn

Amberley House

Abbott Lodge

Hazelbrook House

Hazelbrook Lodge

Globetrotters Hostel

Dublin Restaurant Review

Rustic Stone

Pichet Restaurant

Bad Ass Cafe

Bad Ass Temple Bar

Aurora Cafe Bar

Italian Corner Restaurant

Russos Restaurant

Hen Party Dublin

Stag Party Dublin

Stag Hen Weekends

Stag and Hen Weekends Ireland

Stag and Hen

The Irish House Party Dublin

The Irish House Party

The Convention Centre Dublin

Tivoli Theatre

3 Arena Dublin

Club Nassau Dublin

Dublin Nite Club

New Grange Meath

Shelbourne Park Stadium

Christmas Party Dublin

Pub Guide Dublin

Ned Keenans Pub














































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