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Bram Stoker Festival

Bram Stoker Festival 2013 Halloween is a festival enjoyed by millions of people around the world each year, it is spooky and fun, and is good for everyone. Dublin has a number of events that will fall on Halloween weekend, including a fantastic display at the Dublin Wax Museum, and The world famous Bram Stoker Festival. This world famous Bram Stoker Festival will run from the 26th-28th of October the Bram Stoker Festival celebrates the life and legacy of Dublin-born author and father of the original vampire antihero, Count Dracula, many people now in their 40s will remember the old … MORE DETAILS >>

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Tradfest 2014

Tradfest 2014 Temple Bar 2014 Temple Bar TradFest 2014 will launch with cascading colour and pulsating music from the 22nd January 2014 to the 26th January 2014, this will be the ninth annual events of the Tradfest and it is expected to be bigger than ever. This Tradfest line-up for 2014 is an endless list of world famous acts, Tradfest 2014 promises to be a spectacular start to 2014. Tradfest 2014 Venues Tradfest 2014 will provide many top venues for its music and entertainment extravaganza, not least of which is the beautiful Werburgh Street Church during the 2014 TradFest the Church will … MORE DETAILS >>

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